The bases for economic development and prosperity are: stable government , transparency , accountability and competency . These attributes also form the bases on which US businesses can thrive in Africa, according to Obama. African rulers , how transparent , accountable and competent are you? To rule MUST NOT be like a birth right.

On scramble for  Africa’s vast resources , he is simply telling our rulers to ” shine your eyes ” .  In other words , before signing those tempting deals , have you considered the environmental and cultural impact on the future generations, and what the poorest of the poor (not only the bureaucrats and their cronies) are going to benefit from such deals? Are the aspirations and vision of the community clearly enshrined in such deals? Does the community have a transparent , accountable and competent representative within the Stake Holders in the deals? Are Safety Standards and Quality Management Procedures strictly and transparently  followed?  SHINE YOUR EYES.

A little flash in the  pan seems to excite our people so much  that mediocrity is widely accepted as magnificent or excellent in almost everything they certainly deserve better. Scramblers ply on this gullibility . Our sense of decency must not be compromised, prejudiced and predicated upon by hurried  activities of what Scramblers think we want. We must insist and persist on what we need : Constant Electricity , Educational Materials , Rural Empowerment ; otherwise , NO DEAL.  THIS IS OBAMA’S AFRICA.


Professor Dubem Okafor was my lecturer at the now Federal College Of Education, Eha – Amufu from 1984 – 1987, in the English Language and Literature Department.  I remember vividly the hash environment under which learning processes were going on.The lecturers would drive for hours from Enugu before they would finally make it across Ebonyi River bridge ( if the planks are still there), otherwise , they would park their vehicles by the bridge and cross by feet to continue their journey to the College for at least 45 minutes. The impact was so severe on both parties , yet we were all very resolute on what we wanted to achieve and never relented.

Inside the lecture room he was always relaxed albeit his monstrous visage which ,in my own opinion,was a mere mask he chose to hide that humility and tenderness embedded  in his pristine and precious personality . I had no doubt in my mind that he was nursing a big scar from a feminine gender inside his heart , for he openly calls them witches during lectures. One day, he came in and called out my name: Dennis , why are you always surrounded by witches during  my classes especially that  one there that looks like one of the witches in the Macbert ? We all busted out laughing . He also joined in the cacophony , but you could  never see his teeth when he laughs. He rarely laughed.He was very good on his field.

Presently,am still in shock to hear he shot his wife and then himself. He does not seem to me to be of a violent nature. Whatever drove him to this act , I pray to GOD today to remove such instinct from us men who choose to make their children orphans by this act. There is nothing whatsoever that can justify this act.

May GOD grant the family the fortitude to bear the lose and the ability to be strong and move on .May GOD rest them .AMEN.